Hello Etsy Summit, Berlin, Part 1

So, Mr. T. bought me a present: A ticket for the Hello Etsy Summit at the ewerk in Berlin. Yay! I was sooo looking forward to going there. Funnily enough, all of a sudden, my business went crazy so that I could hardly even make it there. Must’ve been all the good vibes I was sending out!

When my alarm clock went off at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday I was not THAT happy anymore, I admit. But I gathered my stuff and myself and pretty soon we were on the road. Not even Truckdrivers falling asleep almost squishing us in the fast lane could keep me from getting to Hello Etsy. Phew!!

Registration was fun and easy and so I was one of the first one’s to be sitting in Hall F. Happy. With my goodie-bag. Oh, and lots of caffeine in my veins 😉

The first part of the day was just great. Inspiring. Fun.
As the caffeine starting wearing off, though, I was starting to feel hungover. All I could think of was a shower and a bed (!) but that didn’t really make sense so I settled for just a quick shower. It’s a good thing I did not know at that time that I would hardly be sleeping that night…

If you like, stay tuned for part two. As for me, I’ll be catching some ZZZs now… finally! 🙂

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